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Week ending March 17th  2017


1. 8 charts that show how insane the economy is today - link

2. Pension storm warning - link

3. Population decline may actually not be that bad for a country  - link


1. Best places to retire - all 50 states ranked - link

2. 10 secrets nobody tells you before buying a home - link

3. Taking your pension - lump sum or annuity? - link

Bonus: Reviews of all the TV shows coming this Spring  - link


Week ending August 26th  2017


1. European junk bonds are now yielding less than treasuries! - link

2. "Robot anxiety" may have been a factor in last year's election - link

3. Japan's lessons for debt addict China  - link


1. Which home improvements pay off the most? - link

2. Avoid these 11 costly Medicare mistakes - link

3. A better way to earn airmiles - link

Bonus: The best thing to do in every state this Fall   - link


Week ending June 5th 2017


1. The internet killed inflation - link

2. Wage growth for non-babyboomers is pretty decent - link

3. Is China the greatest financial bubble in history?  - link


1. Millenials are saving for freedom, not retirement - link

2. 5 of the top retirement myths - link

3. Top colleges - ranked by value - link

Bonus: What color shoes match with what suits?  - link


Week ending January 31st 2017


1. Why driverless cars will be good for automakers - link

2. Rise of the machines - millions of US jobs to be wiped out in the next few years - link

3. Shiller P/E Index hits levels only surpassed in 1929, 1999 and 2007  - link


1. 2017 IRA Contribution dates, deadlines and income limits - link

2. 5 ways not to gift to children and some better ways to do it - link

3. I am a landlord- can I ever retire without a big tax bill? - link

Bonus: Hockey great on the importance of dreaming big  - link


Week ending October 28th 2016


1. An uneasy calm grips markets prior to US elections - link

2. A 1% rise in yields would "lead to worst price decline in bonds since 1981" - link

3. Chinese banks need $17 trillion to cover bad debts  - link


1. Important rules when loaning money to family - link

2. How to find a financial advisor you can trust - link

3. Consumer reports 8 most reliable car brands - link

Bonus: 50 best movies of all time- according to critics  - link


Week ending September 30th 2016


1. Bailout refused for bank that would dwarf Lehman - link

2. Financial risk continues to rise in China - link

3. Legendary investor sees oil prices rising - link


1. Should you use premium or regular gas? - link

2. How to get out-of-state college at in-state prices - link

3. Test your retirement IQ - link

Bonus: The way guys wear suit jackets has changed fundamentally  - link


Week ending August 19th 2016


1. Is Frexit soon on the cards? - link

2. Desperate Bank of Japan now a major stockholder- link

3. Deutsche financing gap could wipe out it equity - link


1. The case for life insurance that pays out for long term care - link

2. 100% telecommuting the preferred option for parents - link

3. A tale of Mr.Market - link

Bonus: Video-conference your dog while you are away  - link


Week ending June 3rd 2016


1. Brexit might be worse for the EU than for the UK - link

2. The govt is pouring money into the internet of things- link

3. US Debt clock - you will be shocked how much you owe - link


1. Best and worst cities for worklife balance- where does yours rank? - link

2. Six simple money tips for recent grads - link

3. Does Long-term care insurance make sense for you? - link

Bonus: Father's Day gift ideas from AskMen  - link


Week ending May 6th 2016


1. Why Bill Gross is for helicopter money - link

2. China's ever-increasing debt bubble- link

3. Why El-Erian thinks the Fed won't go to negative rates - link


1. Ten things to know about Social Security - link

2. Seven features homebuyers want most - link

3. Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) basics - link

Bonus: Your Kentucky Derby party checklist  - link


Week ending April 1st 2016


1. These are the 5 biggest EU breakup risks - link

2. The case for Universal Basic Income (a form of "Helicopter money") - link

3. The case against Universal Basic Income - link


1. Here is what LIFE can be like after retirement - link

2. Seven great part-time jobs for retirees - link

3. Jobs least likely to be taken over by robots - link

Bonus: Scary robot video - link


Week ending Feb 29th 2016


1. Is this country's banking system bubble 4x that of US subprime? - link

2. What is "Helicopter money" and why won't it work - link

3. The war on cash is real and its escalating - link


1. These are the best private colleges ranked by value - link

2. You can now buy a home again with only 3% down! - link

3. 8 situations where an emergency fund can be vital - link

Bonus: The 25 best Caribbean islands ranked - link


Week ending Jan 29th 2016


1. This big bank's stock price is in trouble - link

2. Why negative interest rates are becoming the new normal - link

3. China's $28 trillion debt problem - link


1. These are the most and least tax-friendly states for retirees - link

2. Fintech technology is a serious threat to the big banks - link

3. The refi surge is back yet again! - link

Bonus: These math-based scultures will hypnotize you! - link


Week ending Dec 18th 2015


1. What caused Brazil's boom and bust - link

2. Redemption gates risk causing bond fund panic - link

3. The hunt for yield claims first big victim - link


1. 12 year end tax planning tips - link

2. Grant Thornton year end tax guide - link

3. What does the Fed rate hike mean for you? - link

Bonus: 19 crazy fact's about Bill Gate's home - link


Week ending Oct 20th 2015


1. Negative interest rates are becoming more and more common - link

2. Why Swedes are hiding cash in microwaves - link

3. This massive global bank is being forced to deleverage - link


1. Excellent calculator for Traditional to Roth IRA conversion analysis - link

2. Why do business owners fear sucession planning so much? - link

3. A social security strategy faces the chopping block - link

Bonus: 70 people injured making this film with lions - link


Week ending Aug 28th 2015


1. Global banks are far more exposed to China than Greece - link

2. Spanish Banks are overwhelming the ECB - link

3. Commodity cycles tend to be long - link


1. Corrections and bear markets are good for young investors - link

2. The dangers of using stop loss orders in this market - link

3. Buffet on the parable of Mr.Market - link

Bonus: Houses that disappear into their surroundings - link



Week ending July 3rd 2015


1. Is Deutsche Bank the next Lehman? - link

2. Why the US is not Greece - link

3. VC guy warns of a "dry bubble" - link


1. Does it make sense to own a vacation home? - link

2. Great college finder search tool - link

3. Too many young people are missing out on 401k free matches - link

Bonus: Beer Advocate's Top 250 beers - link



Week ending May 29th 2015


1. Warren Buffett thinks bonds are very overvalued - link

2. The world economy is sailing without lifeboats - link

3. Janet Yellen claims she is ready to raise rates - link


1. Pros and cons of owning a franchise - link

2. Stock options for dummies - link

3. 64% of houses are undervalued for home insurance - link

Bonus: Steve Martin learns how to avoid debt - link



Week ending March 25th 2015


1. Here is how the next credit crunch could start - link

2. The rising dollar is one big margin call - link

3. Liquidity evaporates in China - link


1. What is deflation and is it bad? - link

2. Estate planning basics - link

3. 7 simple ways to raise your credit score - link

Bonus: Great invention for your keys - link



Week ending February 6th 2015


1. Deflation fears are beginning to surge - link

2. Where will it all end- negative mortgage rates? - link

3. Will Greece be able to call Germany's bluff? - link


1. Compare small business retirement plans - link

2. 5 costly social security mistakes - link

3. Do you know whether it is time for you to refi? - link

Bonus: Skydiving beavers - link



Week ending January 13th 2015


1. Japan's Keynesian end game - link

2. Mauldin's macro predictions for the next 5 years - link

3. Are US stocks vastly overvalued versus international? - link


1. The awesome "Rule of 72" - link

2. What is a Simple IRA? - link

3. When to rent versus buy a home - link

Bonus: Twin sisters chat for the first time - link



Week ending December 19th 2014


1. Just to reiterate - the word of the day is "Deflation" - link

2. Emerging Markets close to bear market territory - link

3. US versus International stock performance can vary wildly - link


1. Everyone in their twenties and thirties should see this - link

2. Ten year end tax tips - link

3. For sole proprietors - the power of the Solo 401k - link

Bonus: Self-cleaning cars bad news for carwash operators - link



Week ending October 31st 2014

1. Rising dollar could bring deflation to the US - link

2. Traders have borrowed heavily to buy stocks - link

3. Jim Grant on the dangers of bond market illiquidity - link

Bonus: How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew - link



Week ending September 12th 2014

1. Dollar on a tear as investor look to Fed rate hike - link

2. Catalan and Scottish independence moves a threat to the euro - link

3. Have deficits become deflationary? - link

Bonus: Best 3D food printer ever - link



Week ending August 14th 2014

1. Italy needs the lira back to end the depression - link

2. Loan growth is looking frothy again - link

3. The different ways financial advisors get paid - link

Bonus: Spying with a bag of chips - link 




Week ending July 5th 2014

1. Europe takes desperate measures to avoid deflation - link

2. Interest rates - a 500 year retrospective - link

3. The market has not corrected in over 2 years - link

Bonus: 12 new books to read this summer -  link



Week ending June 6th 2014

1. Negative interest rates are here- but may not stop deflation - link

2. Repackaging of junk-rated loans hit new records - link

3. Home bias in investor portfolios is a global phenomenon - link

Bonus: How to chill a bottle of wine faster - link



Week ending April 25th 2014

1. Solar energy dominance in sight? - link

2. Major demographic tailwind for the economy - link

3. Former momentum stocks are crushing the unwary - link

Bonus: Little kids react to Walkmans - link



Week ending March 24th 2014

1. Grantham: stocks are 65% over-priced but we are not in a bubble yet - link

2. Global debt binge continues unabated - link

3. China's ponzi finance nears it's end - link

Bonus: Who would win in a Klitschko - Putin fight? - link



Week ending February 21st 2014

1. Why a default in China is badly needed - link

2. Is wage growth coming sooner than we think? - link

3. Derivatives are still an accident waiting to happen - link

Bonus: The incredible human chameleon - link



Week ending January 14th 2014

1. Sick German banks a threat to the financial system  - link

2. Even Goldman Sachs thinks the market is overvalued - link

3. Robots to take burger-flipping jobs - link

Bonus: The strangest photos of 2013 - link



Week ending December 20th 2013 

1. How old is the bull market compared to previous ones?  - link

2. The Fed now owns a huge chunk of the bond market - link

3. The most over and undervalued housing markets in the world - link

Bonus: Worst Holiday Card pictures ever - link




Week ending November 15th 2013 

1. What has been driving the stock market's returns?  - link

2. Why the Chinese property market is broken - link

3. Could Bitcoin become a global reserve currency? - link

Bonus: Cosplayers at home - link




Special Edition: 2013 Year end tax planning

Note: Fair Weather Strategies, LLC is not in the business of providing tax advice. There is not substitute for working with your CPA.

1. Grant Thornton Year End Tax Tips - link

2. Download Grant Thornton Indepth Tax Guide - link

3. 2013 Tax deferred account contribution limits - link

4. Compare Small Business Retirement Plans - link



Week ending October 11th 2013 

1. What can we expect from the Fed Chairwoman elect?  - link

2. 222 years of interest rate history in one chart - link

3. 6 steps to think and grow rich - link

Bonus: What happens when a camera gets strapped to an eagle? - link



Week ending September 6th 2013 

1. Fed cannot ignore Emerging Markets rout  - link

2. How do REITs fare in a rising rate environment? - link

3. Estate planning for aging parents - link

Bonus: Office Velociraptor prank - link


 Week ending August 2nd 2013 

1. Ten solid reasons you shouldn't retire  - link

2. Investing based in part on moving averages - link

3. Is the great rotation just bad investing behaviour? - link

Bonus: What english sounds like to non-english speakers - link


 Week ending July 5th 2013 

1. The power of the index fund  - link

2. The longer term cost of sitting on cash - link

3. Credit crunch threatens Chinese economy - link

Bonus: 22 maps that define America - link


 Week ending June 7th 2013 

1. Wall St. analysts don't care about you - link

2. Colleges are in denial about the threat of online education - link

3. ETFs are taking over - link

Bonus: One question that can boost your happiness - link


Week ending May 7th 2013 

1. Investing is hardest when it looks easy - link

2. Tips for choosing an investment advisor - link

3. The history of Tulipmania - link

Bonus: SNL destroys Google Glass - link


 Week ending April 14th 2013 

1. Benefits of a Roth IRA explained - link

2. Japanese inflation targets finally have credibility with the public - link

3. How Italy could blow up the Euro - link

Bonus: What older people feel young people need to know - link


Week ending March 17th 2013 

1. 3D Printing will be a hugely disruptive technology - link

2. Are Wall St. banks more dangerous than ever? - link

3. FINRA issues a warning about long duration bonds - link

Bonus: What the heck is going on with these panhandlers? - link


Week ending Feb 17th 2013 

1. Six false beliefs keeping you from getting rich - link

2. China beginning to run out of workers - link

3. Spanish and Italian political turmoil threatens a return to the Euro crisis - link

Bonus: Skier does trick backflip while being chased by avalanche - link



Week ending Feb 3rd 2013

 1. Federal Reserve assets explode in size

2. GMO warns about glaring cracks in China's credit system 

3. UBS reclassifies bond investors as "Aggressive"

Bonus: Surfer takes on insane 100 foot wave




Week ending Jan 13th 2013

 1. Warren Buffett says the big banks are safe now!

2. Mass unemployment could unhinge the EU.

3. A reminder that dividends play a critical role in investment returns.

Bonus: Train your brain to be happy!



Week ending Dec 28th 2012

 1. Japan's central bank to take Ponzi finance to a new level? 

2. Real Estate ready to attract a lot of new investors? 

3. Bank of International Settlements warns about a new credit bubble 

Bonus material: Do NOT let your kid try this at home!



Week ending Dec 14th 2012

 1. Natural gas to oil price differential presents a lot of opportunities, according to one observer

2. Italy facing further economic turmoil

3. Is Brazil the most independent economy on the planet?

Bonus material: Catfish hunting pigeons



Week ending Dec 7th 2012

 1. Student loan delinquencies rising rapidly

2. A lot of Chinese companies listed here would seem to be a scam

3. Back of a napkin finance

Bonus material:’s ginormous warehouses



Week ending Nov 29th 2012

 1, A chart-lovers dream- Soc Gen's investment outlook for 2013

2. Sub-Saharan Africa booming

3. Treasury bonds become more risky the lower their yield gets

Bonus material: Wow! Harsh email from a father to his kids goes viral




Week ending Nov 21st 2012

1. Bank of America's top ten investment themes

2. US companies are loading up on debt again, just like prior to the housing crash

3. Is the "BRIC" miracle over?


Bonus material: How to deep-fry a turkey properly




Week ending Nov 9th 2012

 1. Incredible estate and gift tax planning opportunities coming to an end 12-31-2012 

2. Who will stop the Euro Sado-monetarists? 

3. US Oil production hits a 20 year high

Bonus material: Happiness is all relative – how to maximize it  



Week ending Nov 2nd 2012

1. Is the French economy living on borrowed time?

2. Warren Buffet is bullish on housing

3. The millennial kids may save the economy!

Bonus material: Someone tried to drive over the US-Mexico border!




Week ending Oct 19th 2012

1. Detailed Tax Planning Strategy for year end from Grant Thornton  

2. Fiscal deficits are pushing corporate profits to record highs 

3. The Euro crisis could break Spain apart

Bonus material: Inflection points are rare moments that can totally change your life




Week ending Oct 12th 2012

1. Fidelity’s tax strategies in the face of year-end tax change confusion 

2. Commodoties markets are again dominated by speculators 

3. This author argues that the Fed forced investors into stocks

Bonus material: National geographic photos - spectacular 




Week ending Oct 7th 2012

1. Warren Buffett looks on cash as a call option    

2. Hyperinflation in Iran could bring regime change there

3. Mortgage rates are at ALL-TIME lows! 

Bonus material: 30 innovations that will change the world.




Week ending Sept 7th 2012 

1. Some advice on building portfolios from one of the world's greatest investors.   

2. Hyperinflation horror stories. 

3. How the Chinese hard landing came about.

Bonus material: Pig rescues drowning goat.




Week ending Sept 7th 2012

1. Saudi Arabia could be a net oil IMporter by 2030!   

2. Asian exports are crumbling. 

3. The super-rich see housing bottoming out.

Bonus material: Which old sayings are true and which are flase.



Week ending Aug 30th 2012

1. Theres a surprise in your next 401k statement.   

2. Shocking warning on how interest payments on US debt could grow exponentially. 

3. Australia's economy is under double threat from a resources prices collapse as Chinas economy slows. 

Bonus material: Watch a man ride the worlds tiniest bike.




Week ending Aug 24th 2012

1. John Mauldin thinks America can shock the world with a positive trade balance in 10 years   

2. At least one European country is preparing for the breakup of the Euro 

3. A really useful calculator to determine whether it makes sense to convert to a Roth IRA

Bonus material: Snake dies of man-bite!




Week ending Aug 17th 2012

1. Not everyone should convert to a Roth IRA - this article provides some guidance on who should and shouldn't

2. According to this article, "the economic evidence in China is screaming a sharp contraction", the impact of which will be global 

3. Its not just your imagination - the press is full of chatter about a housing recovery

Bonus material: 50 Amazing but totally useless facts




 Week ending Aug 10th 2012

1.Fascinating article on the threat the largely unregulated world of High Frequency Trading presents for the stock markets.   

2. Attention those of you with a non-tax deferred retirement or brokerage account - the capital gains rate may rise in 2013 and the time to start planning for this is now. 

3. This article will give you a great insight into the manipulation of LIBOR rates. Why do we care? Because most of our mortgages and many other loans are based off this rate.

Bonus material: No need to thank us! Here are some great handy tips that will make you look smart in front of your friends!




 Week ending July 30th 2012

1. Good article on why paying back your mortgage too early might be a bad idea. 


2. UBS believe that South Korean exports are a great leading indicator of global economic acticity. Unfortunately they are plummeting. 

3. Central Bankers around the world are trying to keep the pressure on politicians to save the world for a change. Who will blink first?


Bonus material: You will kick yourself when you realize you haven't been using those McDonalds ketchup cups properly all these years.




Week ending July 21st 2012

1. Sheila Bair, former Chairperson of the FDIC asks why large banks are up to no good again and why nothing has changed in terms of regulating their bad behaviour.


2. The Daily Telegraph's Ambrose Evan's Pritchard writes about how Angela Merkel has come to a fork in the road and needs to chose a path finally - European fiscal integration or Euro disintegration.


3. Some very good news for America - exports as a percent of GDP are growing and policy may become more export focussed as opposed to consumer focused.




Week ending July 14th 2012

1. Good article that gives a relatively balanced overview of the different types of financial advisors and how they get paid.


2. Article detailing Chinese deleveraging and comparison of Chinese and Spanish construction bubbles


3. Independent Economist Andy Xie warns that the Australian economy and property market could be taken down by a slowing Chinese economy